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Re: [IP] thin diabetics using a Sof-set Micro

<part of original post>
<I am considering a pump to gain more stable control. My concern is that
I will feel the Sof-set. I am a very thin diabetic who weighs 120 lb. at
5' 8", and has a body fat of 16%, as last tested. I have tried samples
of the regular Sof-sets and could feel them. So far, no Micros have been
available for me to try. I have seen the MiniMed Silhouette, but am
needle phobic and reluctant to try that.>

Hi Victoria,

Like you I was on humalog and ultralente for years. The pump is much
better than the ultralente, so I hope something works for you. I've been
on it since January. I am thin, but not as thin as you. I started with
the sofset micros, but had lots of problems with them. I know you said
you are "needle phobic," but I'd try the sils anyway. They have been
fabulous for me, and you control the degree of insertion of the needle
(you would use a small angle, as I do). I don't feel the set much at

Having just finished talking to a Minimed rep (hooking up the continuous
glucose monitor for 3 days), I was told by her that more and more
children are using the sils despite the initial reluctance with the
needle. The reason? Same as you, they are thin, and the sils work a
whole lot better. She now recommends starting with the sils. I agree!

If kids can do it, we can too--right? Seriously, I hate needles too, but
if you remind yourself (as I do!) that the big needle comes out and only
a little tube is left in your body, that helps!!

Good luck! Let me know if you'd like any further information on sils
(from a fellow needle hater!).


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