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Re: [IP] Guilt

> Unfortunately, I ain't growin' no more!!!!  :)  But I teach high
> and YES, they're bottomless pits, aren't they!!!!!  :)
> > Consider type 2 pumpers that may use 150 to 200 u/day.
> I think that's where part of the guilt feelings may come from. I
> subconsciously fear that my insulin requirement may go way up to
> levels -- even though my usage has been remarkably consistent over
> whole 6 1/2 years that I've been using insulin (except that it went
> 15% when I started the pump).
> Well, I just gotta remember Type Weird ISN'T Type 2.
> Thanks, Michael!
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Remember, Type Weird isn't type 1 either. We don't quite make it into
any clear-cut type. My RNP says more and more type 2s are beginning to
show a decrease in insulin production.

Hey, the HE__ with guilt trips, we have enough troubles coping with
this DAMNED DM without the extra burden of that. Take what Insulin you
need. The important thing is keep the numbers right. If you are not
gaining weight then you aren't using too much.


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