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Re: [IP] Guilt

Michael wrote:
> > I wonder if any of you have a daily limit on the amount of insulin
> > that you can use without feeling guilty!!!!
> Maybe this will help. When Lily was 14, she was using 90u/day. Of
> course she grew 3" that year. She now uses about 1/2 that amount but
> like any teen, still eats us out of house and home.

Unfortunately, I ain't growin' no more!!!!  :)  But I teach high school,
and YES, they're bottomless pits, aren't they!!!!!  :)
> Consider type 2 pumpers that may use 150 to 200 u/day.

I think that's where part of the guilt feelings may come from. I
subconsciously fear that my insulin requirement may go way up to those
levels -- even though my usage has been remarkably consistent over the
whole 6 1/2 years that I've been using insulin (except that it went down
15% when I started the pump).

Well, I just gotta remember Type Weird ISN'T Type 2. 

Thanks, Michael!
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