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[IP] Re: Eating Sweets

Shannon wrote:
...I get irritated by people who think diabetes is caused by eating sweets....

Our first experience with this happened exactly a year ago, the day after my 
then 12-year-old son was released from the hospital with his new diagnosis.  
We were in a drug store picking out a medical alert bracelet, and the person 
who worked there asked my son what type of bracelet he needed.  He answered 
diabetes, and the drug store worker put on her meanest and sternest frown, 
shook her finger at him, and scolded, "Too much sugar."  My son (all 65 
pounds of him at the time) stood there speechless, while I stepped in and set 
the woman straight.  It hadn't occurred to us until that moment that people 
would actually jump to such an unfair conclusion.

Pam, mother of Robert who is now up to 95 pounds and happily pumping for two 
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