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Re: [IP] thin diabetics using a Sof-set Micro

 I have tried samples of the regular Sof-sets and could feel them.

When I started pumping 6 years ago, I was a skinny distance runner, and I
used the (regular) soft-sets.  But, I found that sometimes the needle would
go so deep that it would hit muscle.  Once I removed the needle there wasn't
any pain from the soft-set, but just some general pain and discomfort from
the needle going so deep.  So, after some practice I changed my insertion
method to:
1) pinch
2) insert soft-set
3) remove needle
4) let go of piched skin
I know this is NOT the recommended way to insert the soft-set, but it worked
for me, so YMMV!  Also, note I wasn't using the Soft-serter, so I don't even
know if this method would work with that.

I have seen the MiniMed Silhouette, but am needle phobic and reluctant to
try that.
That long needle kept me from trying the Comfort (Silhouette/Tender) for
months, but now that I got up the guts to try it, I really like it!


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