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[IP] Re:Andrew on D pump

I regularly work a side job that requires me to wear a Tyvek suit that
does not 'breathe'.  This poses a great challenge to keep the site
attached.  BTW, I have only been on the pump for 3 weeks.  The pump I
use is a Medipump with infusion sets. The first time I worked the side
job I changed the site 3 times.  The perspiration was just to much for
the adhesive to stick.  I tried IV3000's and the prep swabs that Mimimed
recommended and unscented anti-perspirent around the area.  All to no
I recently tried some adhesive that is similar to contact cement from
Smith & Nephew that I got at a surgical supply store.  It is a white
liquid and goes on with a brush.  I applied it to both surfaces, my
abdoman and the tabs of the infusion set.  Do not apply it to the area
where the needle will pierce the skin.  All I have used over the site is
one of those square IV3000 adhesive covers and all my problems with
'sticking' at the site are gone.  I use it all the time now and the site
stays very secure and comfortable.  
I know that MiniMed also has a similar product and will get the info if
you want.  The name of the Smith & Nephew product is Skin Bond.

Hope this helps.  Wayne
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