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[IP] Pax

Subject: [IP] URTAsef...
You wrote:

>This word "BAD" is used by our parents and our doctors 
>and teachers and priests and politicians, and all our lives we are told we 
>are BAD when we choose to do something THOSE particular authority figures 
>decide is less than a positive choice!

And of course, we individually know better than those NASTY AUTHORITY
right, URTAsef? That sounds like a comment from the 1960's. Most learn that 
authority figures are justifiably there; to wit, they have learned more
life than us, and are (dare I say it?) SMARTER than we are. I construe your 
comment as Catholic-bashing and wish you would take it somewhere else. The 
Catholic faith is the foundation-stone of my life. It will long survive your

three-score and twelve. It is more important to me even than an occasional 
dietary indiscretion.
Pax.  <<<<<<<<SNIP

Hi Pax: 
 I found nothing even remotely near what you call "Catholic Bashing" in
Sara's statement. I am not sure where you are coming from, but it is my
understanding that Sara was saying don't allow other people's labels and
beliefs hurt you.  The lack of understanding of the disease created those
BAD terms for when our blood sugars were high.   We were made to feel as if
we were bad.   This was uneducated behavior.  Now we know better.   Just
because someone has attained a position of authority does not automatically
make them an authority.    We all have to learn and think and do what we
believe is right for us.   I certainly am not Catholic or anyone else
bashing.  I am stating a truth as I know it.  Just as you stated your truth
as you know it.   OK?  


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