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Re: [IP] handheld computers

Recently, a thread went on about how diabetes has affected one's life.
Tonight I've come home from the Computer store with a Palm Pilot IIIc.  I
got in front of the 'puter and got everything connected up and it's charging
now....I've installed a few things and am reading over the library--er,
literature that came with it.

I met the people who I bought the old computer from at our local pump group
and they have been best friends for months now.

Had I not got diabetes at the age of 28, I'd not be into the technical
stuff, would not have a computer, would not have gone to Technical
College... and, Chiefly, would not have met you fine people.

Sure I get fed up at the constant demands of this 'betes, but I have the
mental ability to do it, to learn and to teach.  Sept.09 was my 16th
anniversary with this and as yet I have no trouble with other body systems.

Before diabetes, I was someone who would sing now and then, befriend anybody
and drank too much.  I would most likely be dead by now, and or so heavy I
couldn't walk.

After being told all my life how--because of the bad eyesight---I'd never
amount to anything and would be better off "Just not trying",  I feel that I
got a shove by having a condition that made me think.  That made me get off
the booze. That made me eat well and learn more than even I was led to
believe I could.

>From a "techno-phobic" a few months ago, my mind is soaking all this up and
I keep wanting to learn more.  I think that having the 'betes was a
motivating factor in this.

I went to the site and am having a blast!  Thank you for hearing me out.

Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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> Sorry, the link got messed up for the Gluco Pilot, here it is again:
> rodID=1497
> Or from the psource:

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