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Re: [IP] Site change after 3 days

At 10:26 PM 12/31/96 Hirsch Meisels wrote:
 >Why was I so stupid to listen to what other people wrote? (they wrote Your
 >Mileage May very, they should have written Your Mileage WILL Very).
 >Today I tried for the first time to leave my site in for a forth day, these
 >are my results!

Although each person can be different, there is no guarantee that each 
person will be different. That's why we use YMMV. Sometimes it does vary 
and sometimes it doesn't. You need to find out these things for yourself... 
which it sounds like, you just did.

When I tried this about a year ago I found out that 4 days are OK for me, 
but by the 5th day I was headed for trouble.


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