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Re: [IP] Morning bg rise - not dawn effect

> I've found a slightly different effect (I think). If I get up at my
> usual time and eat breakfast, I do fine, but if I sleep in, my BG rises.
> BUT if I lengthen the time of the higher basal to compensate for
> possible sleeping in, I will have a hypo before lunch even if I eat and
> bolus properly for breakfast. 
> I'm not sure that made sense!
That make perfect sense. When you are sleeping, are less active, burn 
less energy and thus use less glucose. Same thing happens if you go on a 
long car trip and just sit all day. There is not an easy solution. 
Possibly you could use the higher basal normally and simply skip a fixed 
amount of insulin when you wake up on normal - early - days as part of 
your breakfast bolus -- might work.
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