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[IP] PAX paughhhhh so off topic this ought to be deleted

Gilwendy wrote:
>  And of course, we individually know better than those NASTY 

Unlike yourself, I sign my name to my posts...I don't need to hide behind a 
screen name, so I can't address you as your real name as I would like to. And 
since you choose to flame me publicly...I choose to defend myself in public...

OF COURSE we as mature adults know better than ANYONE else what is right for 
our own self!  I most certainly know better than my mother and most of the 
doctors I have seen in the last 27 years

> That sounds like a comment from the 1960's. 

I was born in the 60s. does that count?  are you saying that there was 
something "bad" about that particular decade in which people decided to 
revolt against the so-called leaders...university leaders, political leaders, 
women's undergarment leaders? maybe my mom did too much kneeling and standing 
up in church while she was pregnant with me and I started to rebel even from 
the womb

> Most learn that authority figures are justifiably there; to wit, 
> they have learned more about life than us

baloney.  I have yet to met a doctor who knows more about diabetes than me, I 
have yet to meet a parent who couldn't learn something else, I never expect 
to meet a political leader who lives a life I should emulate...

> and are (dare I say it?) SMARTER than we are

LOL  - surely you jest!!!!

> I construe your comment as Catholic-bashing and 
> wish you would take it somewhere else. 

how DARE you assume anything about my religion.  Just because you ASSUME I 
don't prostrate myself before your god or your organized form of religion, 
you think I am BASHING IT????  I did not call out "Catholicism" in my post so 
why do you insist on putting the focus on that...I used the word priest.  I 
could have JUST as easily used preacher, rabbi, Zen master or whatever!  

Please get a life, and in exchange I will say an act of contrition FOR you, 
and even do your 10 hail marys as penance for your making a false assumption 
about someone you don't know!

>  Catholic faith is the foundation-stone of my life. 

take your religion to the religion chat room.  THIS board is open to 
all...pagan, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists and even you southern Baptists 
(as long as your bring fried chicken!!!)

> It will long survive your  three-score and twelve. 

yup - as long as there are people like you to stir things up about religion, 
there will be wars to fight which certainly insure the continued existence of 

> It is more important to me even than an occasional 
>  dietary indiscretion.

this above all else...to thine own self be true...surely you aren't putting 
the occasional "sin" of ben and jerry's up there on the same level as, say, 
the 10 commandments are you?  don't be silly.  I am NOT bashing your 
religion, or any other....for you to take it that way is being overly 

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