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Re: [IP] Site change after 3 days

> Why was I so stupid to listen to what other people wrote? (they
> wrote Your Mileage May very, they should have written Your Mileage
> WILL Very). Today I tried for the first time to leave my site in for
> a forth day, these are my results! 8:15 am 305, 9:20 216, 1:15 282,
> 5:50 251, 8:25 509 ouch!!!  I had a very busy day so I just
> corrected them, forgot all about my site, until I saw that awful
> number. Hirsch

Try the SEARCH tool on the Insulin Pumpers web site. Set it for all 
mail (not last 2 months), US archive. Search for "Humalog Velosulin" 
and read all about mixing insulin to extend site life.
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