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[IP] After a square wave?

Curtis Lomax wrote

<<How does one calculate the unused insulin after a square wave?>>

According to the "Pumping Insulin" book, the unused Insulin rule for a
normal bolus is 30% for each hour, given the fact that Humalog works for 3
1/2 hours.
With a square wave bolus I would add the time of the square to the time the
insulin works, I will try to explain, if I will extend the bolus for one
hour, then instead of dividing in 3 1/2 hours, divide it in 4 1/2 hours,
(for a square of 1 1/2 hours divide it in 5 hours etc.).
But you have to look if there is less than an hour since the bolus finished,
(same as with a normal bolus I would never use any rule in less then an hour
after the bolus).
Remember Your Mileage WILL Vary.

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