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Re: [IP] Morning bg rise - not dawn effect

> Michael,
>   I have the same problem.  I do best if I leave out as many carbs
>   as I
> can or just eat an egg more insulindoesn't seem to help I can't
> figure it nor can my endo. Good luck di
Lily's endo had a name for it, but it was long and latin ( I think ). 

In any event, profiling with both a high and low carb breakfast will 
allow you to isolate the bg rise effect and calculate an appropriate 
"morning bolus" to compensate for it. Then you can eat whatever you 
want. The only problem we ran into is that the phenomena comes and 
goes with time -- and -- on days when she sleeps in it also 
disappears so it is necessary to think carefully when taking the 
"morning bolus", but it works pretty well for us.
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