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[IP] gus and his Set

second site was painless, but when we removed the set today to insert a new
one for the insulin, it also appeared bent, although not as distressed as
the first one.  Was the saline getting in...past the crimp/bend in the
plastic...will the insulin get in?  I guess we'll know soon enough!  The
pump-educator suggested the longer "Soft-serter" (?)  that has to be
inserted by hand, explaining that he may be too thin...or too active
(soccer, ice hockey, tree climbing, wrestling with big brothers-nothing he's
willing to give up,) for the micro set.  Tried it at the office:much pain
and too many tears later we agreed we'd stick with the mini.... Thoughts?
Thanks in advance for your help!  Pam
Sure beats MDI, Sils although looking very intimidating are very comfotaabe
when inserted and almost never bend. gus will love pumping.

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