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[IP] RE: Getting blood out of clothes

A quilter helped find a way to remove the blood.  It seems that saliva works
wonders on your own blood.  You apply a little and rub it in, whamo - the
blood starts to dissolve and washed out easily.  You can't get anyone else's
blood out - just your own.  Something to do with enzymes, I imagine.  And
you have to do it before you try anything else.  I constantly get blood on
my shirts from blood tests.  The saliva works, even after finger gushers.

I learned this hint during a TV football watching marathon.  My friend was
quilting and pricked her finger while quilting and got a spot on one of her
quilting pieces.  She immediately applied some saliva, rubbed and when the
blood started to break apart, let it dry naturally (she didn't want to take
home dripping wet pieces from rinsing the piece).

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