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Re: [IP] thin diabetics using a Sof-set Micro

Hi Victoria,

My son, Noah, who is 13 and weighs 118 lbs. , uses the micro soft sets. He doesn't experience any discomfort with them. On occasion, after inserting and before the needle is removed, he experiences a little pain which disappears as soon as the needle is removed.


I am considering a pump to gain more stable control. My concern is that I will feel the Sof-set. I am a very thin diabetic who weighs 120 lb. at 5' 8", and has a body fat of 16%, as last tested. I have tried samples of the regular Sof-sets and could feel them. So far, no Micros have been available for me to try. I have seen the MiniMed Silhouette, but am needle phobic and reluctant to try that. Are there many other thin diabetics in this group who are successfully using the Micros? I guess you could say I am taking a poll.

type 1 - 27 years
using Humalog and Ultralente