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[IP] Lurline and beating a dead horse

Ok folks,

I think we have gotten a bit side tracked her with Lurline's
"different" diet.  Personally I would rather eat Oregon Slugs than
the diet Lurline describes. <vbg> I was raised on meat & potatoes.
Since becoming diabetic at age 23 I have modified my diet to be mostly
healthy, but I too occasionally have sweets or a beer.

I think the point that was made and has been somewhat lost in this
thread is that the pump does give you more freedom in your life. Freedom in 
"what" you eat, when you eat, when/how you exercise, the
ability to sleep in, and just have some variance in your life/schedule
that MDI does not work with.  I have been on a MM508 since late June
and I would NEVER go back to MDI.  I have the ability to sleep in on
weekends, vary my lunch schedule, vary the amount of carbs I have
at meals, LOTS less lows/highs.....in general the pump has improved
MY quality of life.

Who cares what I eat as long as I am happy!  So quit beating a dead
horse about the food stuff!!!!!!!

By the way, I had 3 slices of pizza for lunch!  And to send some of
this list into a tizzy, I am going deer hunting in 2 weeks!  ;-)
If you have the opinion that hunting is cruel and should be outlawed,
etc.  Don't start a thread on it, just assume I am a terrible person.
And if you have the opposite view, that's fine too.

So there,

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