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[IP] View of Diabetics

I just wanted to share my irritation.  I don't know if
any of you watch Baywatch, (yes, I hate to admit it
but the other night we were up late and it was on). 
Now I never considered it a top rated show or
anything, but I was pretty pissed off.  People have
all these screwed up ideas about our condition but
it's no wonder with the media portraying it the way
they do.  In this episode a diabetic man fell into the
ocean.  While he was in there he lost his bag with his
insulin in it.  In the few minutes it took to save him
I guess the "window of oppurtunity" for getting
insulin passed and when they got him out he went into
sugar shock (immediatly) and they had to do this
dramitic emergency thing to get insulin in him.  I've
never gone into sugar shock when I missed my time by
an hour, let a lone a few minutes.  I was so
irriatated.  I have met people who think I am the most
fragile thing on this earth, they must have been
watching Baywatch too!  Sorry, I just had to vent.  I
was very irritated!


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