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Re: [IP] Re: Lunch then low {with exercise}

In a message dated 9/18/00 1:05:30 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< I took his total cho for 
lunch and took off 15 cho and bolused for the rest because it dawned on me 
that he is bolusing for all his lunch carbs then going out for 35min recess 
so he is not eating extra food for the recess >>

I find that if I exercise within an hour or so of a humalog bolus, I will go 
low if I use my regular ratios.  I usually use half the bolus I would 
normally use if I know I am going to be very active in that hour, and this 
comes pretty close for me.  It seems to be a case of being more sensitive to 
the insulin during exercise, not using it up early as someone had speculated 
-- the tail of the bolus lasts at least as long as normal, and sometimes a 
bit longer.  With me, by an hour the effect is reduced, and gone by 2 hours, 
so I try to plan exercise for 2 or more hours after a bolus (took awhile to 
get out of the habit of 1 hour past, which worked best in the old days).

Sounds like you are making good progress, and I think you are heading in the 
right direction here.  Keep up the good work :-)

Linda Z
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