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[IP] Re: Lunch then low

Hi Everyone
Yes it is me asking for more advice again. I did change the breakfast bolus 
ratio from 1unit for every 15 cho to 1unit for 13cho.This so far is working 
good to bring down the lunch reading. Now what is happening is a 1:00 right 
after lunch he is going low usually 3.1 or 3.5 or 2.9mmols or about 63 US 
numbers.I have been reducing basal rates.So do I just keep reducing basals 
or is the lunch bolus too high. Today I tried this. I took his total cho for 
lunch and took off 15 cho and bolused for the rest because it dawned on me 
that he is bolusing for all his lunch carbs then going out for 35min recess 
so he is not eating extra food for the recess. So is this ok to take off the 
15 cho or should I keep lowering basals.Once again thank you for your help 
as I am on my own here and you are my only help.                Lori Ryans 
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