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Re: [IP] URTAsef...

At 07:02 AM 09/18/00 email @ redacted wrote:
 >You wrote:
 >>This word "BAD" is used by our parents and our doctors
 >>and teachers and priests and politicians, and all our lives we are told we
 >>are BAD when we choose to do something THOSE particular authority figures
 >>decide is less than a positive choice!
 >And of course, we individually know better than those NASTY AUTHORITY FIGURES
 >right, URTAsef? That sounds like a comment from the 1960's. Most learn that
 >authority figures are justifiably there; to wit, they have learned more 
 >life than us, and are (dare I say it?) SMARTER than we are. I construe your
 >comment as Catholic-bashing and wish you would take it somewhere else. The
 >Catholic faith is the foundation-stone of my life. It will long survive your
 >three-score and twelve. It is more important to me even than an occasional
 >dietary indiscretion.

Before anyone else jumps in and this one gets out of hand, lets all take a 
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