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Re: [IP] Lurline and carbs sorry

email @ redacted wrote:
> The only problem I have ever encountered with 'our' diet is that when we
> entertain some people ask, "where's the beef?"  You won't find it here and
> everyone seems to like the food once they taste it.

Mmmm, I've been served vegan food both in homes and restaurants a number
of times, and no, I didn't like it.  

Taste is a VERY individual thing, and there is no such thing as an
eating plan that's right for everyone. 

I like some foods that very few other people like, and conversely, some
other people really like foods that I couldn't put into my mouth. 

By the way, if you're eating vegan, you're eating a LOT of carbs,
because there's practically no such thing as a plant food without carbs.
Even if the foods are "low" carb, they're not NO carb. If you're very
insulin-sensitive, learning how to carefully measure and count carbs in
the vegetables and fruits you eat can help your BG control, although
NOTHING, not even the pump, is going to make it perfect!

Me, I remain an omnivore, because it's the only way I can be comfortable
in this world! 

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