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[IP] Re: No consistency--Help!

> He has a slow reation to insulin as well, which is why we hated N
> so much.

I think you first must be sure about the basals, especially with delayed
response to the insulin.  The most important thing is to simplify.  I
don't know how long he can do a fast, at that age, but I think you can
break down the day into sections.  If he's going low, or high, without
taking any bolus's you can figure out the adjustments.  When you're sure
of the basal's try to use a consistent meal plan with repeating a lot of
meals to know what the bolus' are for those and expand gradually.

I need to use different insulin carb ratios at different times of the
day.  I need to use a higher ratio as the day goes on, 1/10 for
breakfast, 1/8 for lunch and 1/12 for dinner.  I also need to regularly
do fasts to keep my basal's in check.

Although many can set their basals and carb ratios, and be done with it,
some of us need to continually fine tune, at least I do.
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a
kind word alone.
 - Al Capone

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