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[IP] "good" diabetic

Lurline wrote 
> I can not eat that sort of thing. SNIP

Yes.  You CAN.  Or you should be able to, if you want.  A blanket statement 
like that no longer applies!  I have read many of your responses to the 
suggestions made to you - we are all trying to help you.  In my humble 
opinion, you need to get over this negative attitude about food or switching 
to the pump may just be an expensive way to bind and shackle you into further 
submission.  Break free Lurline!  The pump, and/or strict carb counting with 
MDI, is meant to ALLOW you, and me and every other person with diabetes, who 
chooses to USE the tool, rather than letting the tool USE you, to live as 
CLOSE to a normal life as possible.  And believe it or not...ice cream IS 
normal...and not that sugar free cr*p they try and make us buy!

>  I would rather spend my very limited carbs on something 
> that has nutrition and not just empty calories.  

Empty calories?  Please.  A nice hearty bowl of ben and jerrys has all kinds 
of good stuff...tons of calcium, mood enhancing chocolate, energy sustaining 
peanut butter, walnuts, strawberries, etc.  Sure maybe the marshamallow creme 
is empty calories, but it tastes soooo good.  I do NOT eat ice cream every 
day despite what many may think...once every couple of weeks is enough to 
sate my craving, make my tummy happy and remind me that I AM a normal person, 
NOT merely a diabetic who can't (sadly shake your head, tsk tsk tsk) eat 

How can you honestly be so negative about B&J when you have never had it!!!  
That is like saying all french people are nasty, basing your opinion on one 
tired and cranky shop keeper who has had to put up with too many ignorant 
american tourists!

> really don't like sweets so I make a really good diabetic.  

I LOVE sweets and I take no little offense to your logic which infers that i 
am a "bad" diabetic.   This word "BAD" is used by our parents and our doctors 
and teachers and priests and politicians, and all our lives we are told we 
are BAD when we choose to do something THOSE particular authority figures 
decide is less than a positive choice!  My doctor told me I was BAD to eat 
vanilla wafers for breakfast...despite the fact that 6 of them are on the ADA 
exchange diet as EQUAL to a slice of 
bread, and they have less fat than I would be adding if I made the bread 

>  would rather have a wonderful serving of banana squash
>  for the  same carb value and get all the yummy vit A and a lot of 
> antioxidants.

I would rather have my bananas SQUASHED into a bowl of sugar free/fat free 
vanilla pudding with some vanilla wafers, for the same carb value, and pop a 
yummy flinstones vitamin for all the A, C,E D, K iron etc. i could possibly 
need for an ENTIRE day!!!  That is my choice, and I salute you for your 
healthier choices but i just won't accept my choice as BAD or WRONG

>  If I were to eat a pastry or ice cream I would be getting little of 
> nutritional value and a bunch of chemicals.

well dont they say better living through chemistry?  I, and many people, live 
in a fast paced world, where the luxury of growing our own vegetables, or 
paying exorbitant prices for "organic" ones and slaughtering our own corn 
feed chickens is not a realistic expectation.  

I think once you learn how to control your blood sugars better using carb 
counting and accurate dosing with regular insulin, you will need to 
experiment just a little to see what ELSE life and the freezer section at 
Winn Dixie has to offer

You/We can't control everything...how will you/we/he ever learn how to work 
high blood sugars, if not control them, if you/he/we don't practice?  Are you 
going to
insist we/he give up chinese food as well since it also causes unpredictable 
bg rises in many people.  Would you suggest not seeing ANY theatre on the 
chance that you
MIGHT see BAD theatre???  (VBG)  Rather, teach us how to count carbs, how to 
figure a split bolus, or program a temporary basal, so we can enjoy 
EVERYTHING life has to offer...even the bad theatre, which I PROMISE is even 
worse when your blood sugar is out of kilter...and can only be cured by a 
helping of Chunky Monkey at 2 in the morning...

Sara SP
CHAT at 11!!!
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