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Re: [IP] No consistency--Help!


We're in about the same boat as you.  Trent (age 4.25) has been 
pumping insulin over 2 weeks now and we are seeing some crazy 
numbers.  Friday was the worst he has been since the week he got out 
of the hospital.  At the time, I thought it was a problem with the 
sites not lasting long enough, so I changed everything: site, new 
insulin bottle, new cartridge.  Saturday I monitored him more closely 
and aggressively, similar to the attention I was giving him with MDI 
(4-10 shots a day), and the numbers were better but I still ended up 
giving him much more insulin than usual.

He could have a cold -- he was sniffling Friday, but it is not clear 
that he does.

My latest theory is that I just have the carb ratio wrong, and since 
I have a low bolus limit set, it is easy to get behind and have him 
go high.  I think I'll start changing sites every 2 days for a while 
just to eliminate that as a variable.

I'm sure we'll get it eventually.  Good luck with your efforts.


>Hi Friends: (Mom to 4.5 year old boy dx 2.5 years.)
>We have been at this for almost 2 weeks and to be honest we are not 
>seeing any consistency with our numbers??  I just went over all the 
>results I have in my log book and by far the highs outweight the 
>in-target numbers??  WHere should I be making my adjustments?? What 
>am I missing?  There is almost no pattern wither which is the 
>frustrating part?? One night he is high and the next he runs low? 
>His morning numbers after breakfast have been working the best since 
>I switched bolus rates to 1/10g.  Now I am seeing afternoons going 
>high as well. Our bedtime number was always good and now it has been 
>high for the past 2 days.  We are using the MM 508 and using the 
>micros. We have been changing sets by 3rd morning for sure.  I plan 
>on changing his set tomorrow morning.
>What I would like to know is where should changed be made first, 
>basal rates and see, or bolus rates and see?  When he was on 
>injections he was on 1R at breakfast/8N at lunch and 1H at supper, 
>no bedtime as he has ALWAYS had lows at night.  He has a slow 
>reation to insulin as well, which is why we hated N so much.
>Anyway, any help or advice would be great!
>Thanks, Shelly
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