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[IP] lurline and diet (was something else)

Lurline stated:

I don't quite understand your point!  Are you saying everyone has a choice
as to
what they consume?  Of course that is correct.

Yes it is correct but in your postings you sound like its a major sin to eat
normal foods, not saying that fruits and veg's aren't normal, but you even
took offense at the diet Jell-O pudding. I just want you to understand where
I come from, my point of view also is that yes, we all have a choice, and we
don't push it on anyone, nor do we degrade anyone for their choice.  It is
just getting distracting seeing all these posts with someone saying they had
chocolate cake and frosting, then it ends with a statement from you saying
you have NEVER had this, why would you, its not good food,  etc.  Our point
is, once on the pump, you CAN have this freedom, to eat any thing in the
world you want.  Chinese food, pizza, they make vegetarian pizza, it is very
good, chocolate, fudge, pie, tomatoes, cotton candy, papaya,. etc etc.  The
list goes on.  Its a choice, a freedom, a treat for some, like me, who were
never allowed it as a child, to eat something like decadent fudge once in a

I will now end this conversation saying TETO.  (To each their own)
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted

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