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Re: [IP] Lurline and carbs

RoseLea wrote:

> Lurline wrote:
> >>I still don't understand all this concentration with the eating of cakes,
> pies,
> ice cream etc.  I would think everyone would be attempting to have the most
> optimal diet available.  These sorts of foods are just empty calories with
> no
> nutritional benefits.  Fruits, on the other hand are filled with nutritional
> products, for the same amount of calories and carbs.<<
> Lurline, we are not all preoccupied with eating sweets.  After spending 37
> years limiting sweets, I enjoy the option of eating them if I choose.
> That's the key word here, CHOOSE.  I don't sit around all day pigging out on
> sweets, I eat a nutritious diet, and have lost over 10 pounds since starting
> on the pump.   What I wondered was, if you're only allowed 15 grams of carb
> per meal (I normally eat approx. 40-50 grams of carb per meal) what does

No offense taken.  I usually eat steamed vegies, roasted vegies or stir fried.
We always eat Tofu Lite.  Sometimes we eat Eggbeaters in the morning with a Wasa
Crisp.  Lunch is always a large salad sometimes with baked Tofu or analogs.
Dinner would be vegies of some sort, perhaps a Tofu casserole made with various
vegies.  Tofu lasagna is one of my favourites.
It is made with eggplant and zucchini to sub for the pasta.
Our meals are very simple and Tofu, Tempeh and analog based for our proteins.
We have less than 10% fat and very much follow Dr. Dean Ornish diet without the
It is a diet that fits us quite well and keeps us nice and thin without too much
trouble.  If you have any other questions I don't mind answering them at all.

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