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Re: [IP] Lurline and carbs VERY LONG sorry

"Lori A. Willey" wrote:

> Lurline stated:
> I still don't understand all this concentration with the eating of cakes,
> pies,
> ice cream etc.  I would think everyone would be attempting to have the most
> optimal diet available.  These sorts of foods are just empty calories with
> no
> nutritional benefits.  Fruits, on the other hand are filled with nutritional
> products, for the same amount of calories and carbs.
> Lurline
> Lurline,
> I think we all need to clear something up here.  I want to say it nicely and
> not hurt anyone's feelings so if I do, I don't mean to.
> I am going to speak for myself here, but many others may feel the same way,
> if they do, that's great, I won't feel alone. Others may not, and that is
> their choice.
> I grew up NOT eating a darn thing sweet in my life, except what I snuck.  I
> was diagnosed in a tiny hick town in Vermont, I had to travel about 3 hours
> to get diagnosed at a hospital where the doctors knew something, I was 3 1/2
> years old and all I remember was getting my toes stuck with needles to check
> my bgs.  I was crated into a crib so to speak, with steel bars and I was
> left alone except for the toe poking and blood drawing. .  Once they made
> the diagnosis of diabetes, I got to go home after about three weeks in
> hospital, and my mom had to give me shots.  This is not fun for a 3 1/2 year
> old.  Neither were the monthly hospital stays, and I mean monthly.  I was in
> the hospital every month for almost two years straight!  Now please remember
> this is a hick town in Vermont, and I mean no disrespect my home town, but
> the doctors knew nothing, nada, nil about Diabetes.
> Now to my point.  I now, since I have a pump, eat an occasional sweet.  Not
> every day, nor every two days, but since I have my dear blue pump, I CAN eat
> things like this.  This is MY choice, I do it because I WANT to.   Now you,
> on the other hand, DO NOT have to eat sweets, it is YOUR choice.  But once
> you get on the pump, in the near future I hope for your sake, you CAN eat
> something out of the ordinary if YOU want.  We are not saying that YOU have
> to, but you CAN.  From a lot of your posts, and I mean no disrespect here at
> all, so please please don't take any, please, but it sounds like you are
> aghast at us for eating ice cream, cake, cookies, and I had cotton candy
> last week!  I don't want to scare you, but my bg was 100 straight through!
> THIS  IS WHAT I GOT THE PUMP FOR, so I could eat different foods.  So I
> could be as normal as another human being, even though I have a damn disease
> that may nor may not eventually end my life.  I could NOT eat carbs at all
> while on MDI, I would skyrocket and take shots the rest of the day.  I was
> on a minimum of at least 6 shots a day, and at the time I was a tiny thing,
> I was running out of spots to take shots.  When I finally took the leap and
> got my pump., I was told  I COULD eat carbs, so I did.  And I gained weight,
> about 10 to 15 pounds, and now I need to lose some, but that's another
> story.
> I guess my point is, please understand we all have our own personal choices,
> I have mine, which is to enjoy a treat once in a while, Sara SP has hers,
> which is to enjoy her yummy Ben and Jerry's ice Cream, RoseLea and Max has
> hers which is to enjoy her chocolate brownie with frosting (yum) and you
> have yours, which is to enjoy your fruit.  But they are ALL carbs, no matter
> what.  Granted, what we eat in our cake may be an empty carb, but its damn
> good!  It may have "no nutritional benefit" as you said, but it makes us
> FEEL GOOD that we CAN eat it.   And we don't do it every day, so its not bad
> for us in that aspect.  Please understand what I am trying to say here.
> Maybe I should go check my bg now, this is too long and I am sorry but I
> wanted to get my point across and I hope I didn't offend anyone.  I will now
> leave.
> Lori
> Lori A. Willey
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> First Express Inc.
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I don't quite understand your point!  Are you saying everyone has a choice as to
what they consume?  Of course that is correct.
I was replying to someone way back who asked about my diet and lifestyle.  I am
a very strict vegan but even though I were not my choice would never lean to
artificial sweets filled with all sorts of chemicals etc.  That is my choice and
the way I run my household and the way my parents and grandparents ran theirs.
I would never think of forcing anyone or even suggesting to anyone that they
must eat the way we do.  Of course you must do what you feel is in your best
I just have no desire for "the forbidden fruits" as it were.
In my world and with my friends eating normally is to eschew all animal products
in any form.  These practices are accepted amongst us and we DO NOT want to
impose them on others.
>From the statistics from WHO and the NIH it would appear we along with LDS live
longer lives with fewer health problems.
I do seem to be the exception having this disease.  Damaged gene material no
I hope you do enjoy your occasional break from your diet or non-diet if you are
able to get away with it.
I know that these diet restrictions may seem odd to some but just come to Loma
Linda or Redlands and the environs and you will find 98% of the inhabitants
eating the same foods.  The restaurants in the area serve the appropriate foods
etc.  The only problem I have ever encountered with 'our' diet is that when we
entertain some people ask, "where's the beef?"  You won't find it here and
everyone seems to like the food once they taste it.
Cheers and happy eating whatever your style.

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