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[IP] H and R and Pump or Needle w/ Ketones

In a message dated 9/17/00 6:45:35 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 Question:  When this young man developed a problem did you treat him with the
 pump connected and his usual basal being given?  Did you use Humulog or 
 for the extra injections.
 You are very brave.  I wouldn't have the ability to take care of a sick 
child who
 is diabetic.  He would have been in the hospital at the second sneeze.
I started double the dosage using the pump (Bolus)once I saw Large ketones, 
it had worked in the past for moderate ketones.  Once he started projectile 
vomiting, I realized maybe pump wasnt going to do the job as fast as the 
needle.  The pump worked, don't get me wrong, but I felt better knowing 
insulin was going in without a doubt with the needle.  The hard part was 
double dosages during the night. But, hey after I saw that even with double 
dosages his numbers were not moving.  I didnt have a problem going to a 
higher number of units.  He took 6 units every 2 hrs for almost 12 hrs to 
eliminate those ketones and bring #s back into line.  His endo said she would 
have started with 6 units after 1st signs of ketones and then after testing 
the next 2hr time frame and # was the same with ketones she would have went 
to 10 units.   If there is a next time, she will be the one I call first.  By 
delaying the call to endo until morning, Kap endured a longer bout with 
ketones.  - We use only HUMALOG.   
Funny thing is I didn't feel brave, I just knew I would do everything in my 
power to keep him away from hospital since I don't trust anyone except his 
endo. But if he had thrown up the 3rd time, I would have called the endo or 
we would have took a little 2 hr time car trip to his medical center where 
his endo is on staff. My fear is that would have started an IV w/ sugar water 
at the local hospital.  Besides, it is hard for me to give control over to 
someone else other than Kap who has been trained by ME.
Thanks for Listening - Paranoid Mom
Darlene - Mom to Kap - age 10 - pumping w/o ketones
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