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Re: [IP] Thank you and gusher

>   It seems to
> happen when you have been physically active in the insertion site
> area and not necessarily upon insertion.  Blood tends to pool up
> and when the set is removed, you get your "gusher".

I've never had a set not bleed on removal, sometimes (4x a month for me, but
I have alot of capillaries) it was a full-fledged gusher. I just think of it
as a challenge to do a site removal with the paper towels ready and alcohol
and neosporin ready:) I hate blood, esp mine own, but I had gushers even
with MDI, so a gusher that happens just one every few days is a much
improved situation. They are painless but icky and scary the first two or so
times, and luckily for most pumpers they are rare:)


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