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[IP] Night Lows Help Please

You didn't say how much you bolused for the pre change high, going from
378 to 162 in 1 hr seems like a pretty steep drop - if the bolus was too
strong it would explain why he was 76 at midnight. Brynn's basals are
also between .2 and .1 all night, he is very insulin sensitive starting
around midnight. Perhaps you need to alternate between .1 and 0 to get
the results you're wanting.  One thing is certain, at our kids ages,
they are growing so quickly that their rates are always changing add to
that:  growth hormone, colds, playing hard all day, picky eating and you
can see that we won't be able to "nail" their bgs like an adult can.
Hang in there. It does get better. Teresa pumping mom to Brynn 3.5

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