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Re: [IP] correction

On 13 Sep 00, at 17:54, Brian Carter wrote:

> Also remember that a NP (Nurse Practitioner) is a different profession 
> than  RN  an RN  only means Registered Nurse and starts out with an 
> Associates Degree there are bachelor degrees, Master Degrees and 
> Doctoral/PHD in Nursing and a RN can also specialize in a certain area.
> There are also Physician Assistances which are up there with NP.  and when 
> it comes to Education  allot of people here know that more school does not 
> equal more knowledge exp. in the area of Diabetes.

In Kentucky, the ranking follows a slightly different path than described 
here.  A Nurse Practitioner begins by getting an RN certificate with a four 
year degree, and then follows that by getting a Master's degree with 
additional clinical practice and board exams.    A PHD in Nursing generally 
leads to a teaching or research position.  RN's and Practitioners can 
specialize in Neonatal, Rural Health, Cardiac Care and other areas by 
getting further specialized training and certification.  

Physicians Assistants are in a different area altogether - their training 
more closely resembles the medic  or corpsman training given in the armed 
forces - I have a friend who was a Navy Corpsman for several years and 
when he came out of the Navy he was already qualified to be a PA.  He 
works for another practice in town and I've seen him a couple of times when 
my doctor's been out of town.  

My doctor has a Nurse Practitioner working for him, and when I go in to see 
"the doctor" I usually end up seeing her.  She's more familiar with my day-
to-day medical condition than my doctor is.  

Both NP's and PA's are considered to be working "under the supervision" of 
a doctor, although in practice many of them are under rather loose 
supervision.  NP's can write some prescriptions, while PA's are more limited 
in that area.  Given the way that the medical system is mutating, the lines 
are blurring betweent Doctors, NP's and PA's - Doctors are getting less 
training in some areas and NP's and PA's are getting more training...  

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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