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Re: [IP] Lurline -- ice cream and other sweets

You will find a lot of difference when you get on this pump. You're really
following the old-days diet of cabbage soup and such as like in the '40s and
honest to goodness no one should HAVE to live like that!

OK. It's one thing that you don't like sweets. Many non-diabetics I know do
not care for them.  But I'm almost crying in that you regard a PIECE OF
TOAST as a "Cheat"!

God luv ye, girl, I hope you will find some liberation with the pump.
Pommy Mommy.
Jenny S.
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Subject: Re: [IP] Lurline -- ice cream and other sweets

I did cheat this morning and
> had just one piece of toast(wheat with nuts)for breakfast.  At lunch my
> will most likely be around 200.  So for lunch I will do a big salad of
> cabbage, carrots, grated beets with lemon dressing.  Dinner will be about
> same with a vegie soup and it will still be high.
> Oh well!  Some people have better bodies than others...mine just does not
> food.
> Lurline

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