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Re: [IP] rotflmao

Michael wrote:

> > No!  You don't understand.  They have Kcals bigtime.  I can't handle
> > anything that will cause me a sever case of obesity.  it is bad
> > enough as it is.
> heh... heh... yes I do. <burb>, I could stand to lose a few pounds
> myself. :-)
> My only point was that the ice-cream is an "easy food" for matching
> to insulin whereas a piece of cake (the frosting really) invariably
> creates a zig-zag in bg's, even for a moderate sized piece. You can
> pig-out on the ice-cream without much bg penalty.
> email @ redacted
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> Well that is very interesting.  I varry between 118 to 120 usually and
> don't want to gain an ounce.  That is the reason for my strict diet.


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