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Re: [IP] Thank you and gusher

On 17 Sep 2000, at 11:47, email @ redacted wrote:

> "Lori A. Willey" wrote:
> > First I want to say a huge THANKS to the list and Michael for
> Do you mean you hit a blood vessel?  How did you do that(for my future
> reference.)  If you continue to do that why continue the pump?  This is the sort
> of scary thing I could never handle.
> You must be a very brave person.

Why not continue?  Don't we all bleed?  ;>)    It is an occasional 
occurrence and may happen twice a year or once every four of five.  
The only scare to it is the amount of blood and how it might stain 
clothes if you don't have those paper towels handy.  It seems to 
happen when you have been physically active in the insertion site 
area and not necessarily upon insertion.  Blood tends to pool up 
and when the set is removed, you get your "gusher".  

I'm proud to be among this group of "brave people"   :>)


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