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Re: [IP] No consistency--Help!

> What I would like to know is where should changed be made first,
> basal rates and see, or bolus rates and see?  When he was on
> injections he was on 1R at breakfast/8N at lunch and 1H at supper,
> no bedtime as he has ALWAYS had lows at night.  He has a slow
> reation to insulin as well, which is why we hated N so much.

First, be patient. It may take several months to get everything 
"Just Right". Start by making sure that basal rates are correct. It 
is necessary to do a good job at profiling basal requirements, 
including -- making sure that the results can be duplicated over 
at least two sets of trials. Read the sections in Pumping Insulin 
that cover basal profiling and/or the HOWTO's on the Insulin Pumpers 
web site.

When basals are stable, then go for adjusting the bolus, bg, etc... 

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