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Re: [IP] Ketones

"Andrew Bender, M. D." wrote:

> Sara smarty pants wrote:
> i thinkk it must be depend on your weight or something...
> However more importantly, I have been told the minimum your brain needs to
> function is 150 - below that you will go into starvation ketosis.  your bg

I do 15 mgs. carbs for each meal.  I don't seem to have any 'brain' problems.  I
can not metabolize more than that number at any meal.  Most times I am able to
even go below this number.  With the substitutes available for meat etc., one can
keep the fats very low.  This diet is great if you love Tofu, Tempeh and
analogs.  One has enough protein and with a little fruit and vegies the diet is
very good.  My mother lived on this diet and recently died at 93, father same
diet 98 the same with all my extended family and progenitors.  Some were diabetic
and others were not.

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