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Re: [IP] rotflmao Lurline and goals

In a message dated 9/16/00 10:57:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< No!  You don't understand.  They have Kcals bigtime.  I can't handle 
anything that will
 cause me a sever case of obesity.  it is bad enough as it is.  I really 
don't think I
 would like ice cream very much and really do prefer Creamline Yoghurt from 
Trader Joes
 stores with fruit. >>


There are a lot of advantages to the pump. Adjusting boluses to eat delicious 
treats is one advantage. But lots of others - including lower A1Cs, whether 
you eat treats or not. Pump at least gives us choices.

Lifestyle and goals determine how you'll use the pump day in and out. I'm at 
home mom - I don't experiment a WHOLE lot because I don't like testing an 
hour after eating and I'm not real good at record keeping right now (although 
I write everything down usually a day late - unless I'm having bg problems 
where I'll record timely). Also if I bolus 20 minutes prior to eating I often 
forget to eat (or my son spills a gallon of latex paint on my floor) and I'm 
all messed up. I do enjoy frozen yogurt and favorite ice cream, an occasional 
cookie and choc almond biscotti (the best, Jerry...).

My goal was to gain weight. Years of not normal bg had cost me some weight. 
I've been able to gain 7 lbs like I wanted by snacking more. I've heard 
others say they LOST weight because they no longer had to eat to bring up 
lows and eat snacks. It has to do with how you use it. You can talk to 
endo/CDE/ and dietician to work out a plan to lose weight.

I love my pump. It helps w/ dawn phenom. and no more extreme hypos because I 
can feel my lows w/ humalog and no NPH. I like NOT dealing w/ NPH 
insulin...and shots. A1Cs are down below 6. I like that there is some 
reliability for me with Humalog (so long as there isn't a tubing prob, 
machine, etc. which is not so hard to determine).

Anyway... you will use the pump to fit YOUR goals and lifestyle. Talk to your 
endo and CDE about how to lose weight and enjoy the benefits you want to 

Good luck!!!!
Beth (& Oscar)

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