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Re: [IP] Poll--When do you change your infusion set?

> Re: [IP] Poll--When do you change your infusion set?
Usually after 2 days, sometimes after 3.  I used to be able to get more, but
seem to be having more trouble with sites ceasing to absorb or getting sore

I change whenever I run out of insulin or notice I'm about to run out.  The
latter is better because there seems to be a lag between when I actually run
out and when my meter alarms.  I change whenever this happens.  If it's at
work, I disconnect, pull air into the cartridge, and use the insulin in my
tubing.  If it's right before bed, I don't worry.  Have had few problems
with new sets going bad in the middle of the night, and if it does happen, I
know the high sugars will wake me up to go pee.  The most annoying aspect of
this spontaneous approach is that my meter sometimes alarms when I'm taking
a meal bolus--meaning that I have to stop and change my cartridge before I
can eat!

Laurel, Type 1, Dxed 12/74, MM507 since May 1998

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