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[IP] Ketones

Sara smarty pants wrote:

i thinkk it must be depend on your weight or something...

However more importantly, I have been told the minimum your brain needs to 
function is 150 - below that you will go into starvation ketosis.  your bg 
can be perfect, but your body NEEDS a certain amount of carb, and so does 
your brain, as it does NOT work on protein or fat, just to work properly.  My 
nurse practioner (yes, i thought she was a lower rank than my nasty RN - 
shame on me - though to Gerri's credit, i trust her with my life, where as 
the CDE and RNs at my docs office get second place...) was in the hospital 
getting her shoulder manipilated due to frozen shoulder and her bgs were 
GREAT....but she checked her ketones for some reason...BIG BLACK UGLY!!!!   
doctor told her she needed to get more carbs so they put her on glucose 5% 
drip in her IV...ketones all gone...
Big dif between starvation ketosis, the basis of the doctor's diet plan's
you read about Like Atkins Diet. Ketones are always the result of
starvation When you don't take enough insulin you are starving for energy.
Fats require energy to metabolize this energy is provided by carb
metabolism. when fats dont get gompletly metabolized they form ketones.
Ketones as most of us know make you feel like yuck so you don't eat, the
basis of the diet as above when you are starving and have insulin and carbs
on board your ketones disappear. spot

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