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Re: [IP] Lurline -- ice cream and other sweets

what insulin are you using in your pump?  humalog?  humalin?
geoffrey gross

RoseLea wrote:

> Lurline asked:
> >>Do you really get to eat this sort of thing...ice cream I mean.
>  The only ice cream i have had in years was a bite of my husbands crunchy
> bar that
> has no sugar.  He ate that last night prior to bedtime..
> I don't know what I would do with food that sweet.<<
> Lurline, as long as you count the carbs and bolus correctly, you can eat
> anything you desire.  Yesterday at a picnic  for dessert I had 1 frosted
> brownie and 1 chocolate cupcake (that's right folks, I have a hard time
> resisting the chocolate!) anyways my bg was 80 before I ate and guess
> what... 80 afterwards.  And with my last A1c of 4.5, I don't think any of
> the chocolate or sweets has affected me bg wise (and I'm still losing
> pounds).... I just looooooooooooove this pumping stuff!
> RoseLea and Max...
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