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[IP] Night Lows--advice PLEASE!

OK...here we go again.  I am sure you are all sick of me, but I really need 
advice and hopefully will learn something!

I changed my sons (4.5) infusion set before bed as numbers were bad enough 
to not risk going to bed without a change.  (I know it is the wrong time to 
do it, but we have always had successs after a change...) He was 378 
pre-change (aaah!) and after the change he came down in the first hour to 
162 (perfect!) Then I kept checking through the night, no more boluses at 
that hour so all these checks are based on Basals...

His basal from 10-2am is .2  and from midnite on to 7am it is .1.
Midnight--76 (15g snack)
5:30am---83(15g snack)

He has dropped at night since diagnosis 2.5 years ago and we have never 
given night insulin. Should I drop his basal to zero? and at what hours? I 
HATE feeding the poor kid at night.  I cannot just leave him at 83 or so as 
he will drop even more.  So....what is the advice???


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