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[IP] Lurline and carbs

Lurline wrote:

>>My carbs are limited to 15 grams per meal.  Three meals per day.
I am also limited to 900-1200Kcals per day.
If I have so much as pasta it goes through the roof, even a small amount.<<

Lurline, I guess I'm a little confused here.  You are limited to 15g of carb
per meal, yet you eat fruit like a treat?  Do you know how many carbs are in
fruit?  It's one of the highest carb foods you can eat.  One small apple
(4oz) has 17grams of carb in it.  One 4oz banana is 12 grams.   1 cup of OJ
has about 27 grams of carb.  8 oz of plain, nonfat yogurt has 18 grams of
carb.  I'm wondering if you're thinking of carbs as just being bread and
pasta.  Carbs are in everything except meat and fat.  We count everything we
eat, although if I have a small salad, I can usually skip counting it.  But
for the most part, even vegetables have carbs and if you eat large
quantities of them, you have to count the carbs for them.  And, while summer
squash is very low carb, winter squash is very high.  I'm only telling you
this because when you get on the pump, you'll have to figure for your fruit
and yogurt treat, just as if it were ice cream.  You might want to get a
carb counting book, as has been suggested by others, and look at it to
familiarize yourself with carb counting and what you have to count.   If I'm
misunderstanding what you consider as carbs, then I apologize.  :o)

RoseLea and Max...

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