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Re: [IP] Prednisone!!!!!!!!!

Lurline wrote:

>>Has anyone had any experience with having this huge increase of
I can't each much less and I am up to 150+ units of Insulin.
Please relate your ways of controlling this ugly monster.  I am on
10mg oral prednisone and then 5mg for two days and then off.<<

I got hit with a severe case of hives not too long after I started pumping.
I was put on what they call a "med pack" where you take so many tabs the
first day then drop each day for 6 days.  My bgs also went through the roof.
This will be so much easier for you to control when you get on the pump.  I
called my CDE and she raised my basal .3 across the board, my bgs got back
down and when the steroid was out of my system, I changed my basals back.  I
just had to watch for the crash when it did get out of my system, and boy,
did I crash, down to 18, lowest I've had since pumping.  But I was so happy
with having the pump since it was so much easier to correct for the highs
during this episode.  I could never have done it so easily with shots.

RoseLea and Max...

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