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[IP] Re: Restaurants & Carb Counting

<<<From:  email @ redacted>>>  Carb counting seems to be very 
important in the use of the pump.  I certainly can count each and every carb 
that I prepare at home.  I measure, weigh and estimate.  The question is ... 
how do you do this in a restaurant?  I know the hand size=3 oz thing but what 
about a pasta dish that is of mixed carbs.  What about all the other stuff. . 
. . Any advice?  Lurline >>

I learned carb counting in preparation for the pump also. I was glad to say 
good-bye to that ADA "Exchange Lists for Meal Planning," that hasn't changed 
since I was diagnosed more than a decade ago.  You're right, it IS important 
& the only unsure part is when you are going out to eat. I got a fast food 
pamphlet-like book from my dietitian called "Nutrition In the Fast Lane" from 
Eli Lilly & I keep it in my car's glove compartment.

I bought several books, but I have still not found THE one that has most 
real-sit-down-food listed. I don't know why the regular restaurants don't 
have the info like fast food does(?) I ordered them from Diabetic Mall 
"The ADA Guide to Healthy Restaurant Eating" by Warshaw
This has some sit-down restaurants and most of the fast food chains, but it 
doesn't list every item on their menus, just what the writer THINKS you 
should eat.  I have found that if I go to a restaurant that's not in the 
book, I can usually guestimate from one that IS in the book of the same type. 
Since I started pumping & eating out, I have mostly under-guestimated the 
amount of insulin needed. But that's why I test 2 hours after I eat.  

Not just for carb counting, but by far the BEST general pumping book I got 
was, "Pumping Insulin: Everything You Need for Success with an Insulin Pump, 
3rd ed." by Walsh & Roberts.  I think this book should come with every new 
Good Luck! --Hillary
IDDM age 10
pumping 6/1/00
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