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[IP] No consistency- Help

I know exactly what you are describing. This is the same reaction we had
with Brynn, his cde didn't have us do a fasting test for his basals. I
am doing them this week, and can't believe how off his basals were. He
was .4 when .1 was all he needed for a big part of the day. This in turn
threw off his unit to carb ratio. I wish that I hadn't waited so long to
do this testing. Brynn has been pumping for 7 mos. We see our endo/cde
team once a quarter, not often enough to wait for them to answer all my
questions. The Pumping Insulin book has been a great resource as have
the good folks on this server. Pick one area, for me the basals seem to
be the logical choice, until they're right you can't determine a true
carb ratio. I didn't get to sleep more than 3 hrs at a time until we
made these adjustments. These guys are so little it doesn't take much to
send them crashing. Good luck   Teresa pumping mom to Brynn 3.5

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