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[IP] Disetronic Users

Has anyone using the D pump had it programmed to spread a bolus up to 1-4 hrs 
over a period of time.  At present the D pump will reduce the bolus. But Kap 
needs it set to give larger dosages from the 2-4 hrs time period.with Complex 
Carbs.  Since this is the time complex carbs hit him.  I cant see doing a 
basel rate change everytime he eats complex carbs which is the only what to 
spread the dosage out over time.
His endo thought I was crazy to ask for it, but next time, I will get it 
changed.  I have plotted his bgs and the dosage to cover complex carbs and it 
shows he has good #s the first or 2 hours then he starts going up up up.  If 
I try to increase the bolus he goes low with the same complex carbs after the 
1st hour and before the 2nd hr.  He doesnt go low or up with fast acting 
sugars and his basel rates are set in a really good range when he doesnt eat.
The square wave on the MM makes sense to me, but the lowering square wave on 
the D pump doesnt make sense to me.
Thanks for Listening, Looking for D pump to give a sqaure wave increase and 
would really like it to down load to computer as well.
I know I cant have it all, but it doesn't stop me from requesting the best of 
Thanks for Listening
Darlene - Mom to Kap - age 10 pumping
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