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[IP] He Did It - We survived!

Kap did it - he primed his new soft-set and INSERTED IT IN - NO HELP FROM MOM 
last Saturday.  And has did set changes by himself since.  This would have 
never happened with needles.  He has needlefobia.  Therefore, I feel in the 
long run he will have better control over his diabetes.  
I must be doing something correct as a mother!  - I didn't stand over him 
while he did his first insertion.
Kap had a stuffy nose last night - pre dinner reading was 184.  He bolused 
for dinner, we shopped a few minutes afterwards and came home.  He checked 
his bgs and it was 589 and Large ketones.  This was a first for us.  Large 
ketones not high numbers.  So he did double bolus for the next 2 hrs until at 
4:30 this morning he started projectile vomiting. He did this 2 times, if a 
3rd time happened we would be talking to you from the hospital.  He also 
started sweating profusely.  It seemed like he had a high fever and it was 
breaking.  (But he didnt have a fever.)  I took the pump off and started 
needles w/ double insulin for the following hours.  He was 36 and 25 at 6:30 
this morning with moderate ketones and starving for breakfast.  His dad took 
him to breakfast and bolused as normal.  We they came home he checked ketones 
and bgs again.  BGS =489 and moderate ketones.  Again we started with 6 units 
of humalog for the next 2 hrs - every 2 hrs.  Four hours later he was back to 
normal and no ketones and has stayed that way for the rest of the day and 
night, so far.  
We got through this event and will next time call endo if the 2nd dosage of 
insulin doesnt bring down #s.  Also, I will disconnect pump and give shots 
until no ketones.
Lesson Learned.
Living and Learning how to treat Large Ketones
Darlene - Mom to Kap - age 10 - pumping 1/19 w/out ketones since 10am.
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