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[IP] Need info on continuous glucose monitor


I bugged my endo enough (for the past 6 months) so that I am going to be
his "trial" person (free!) to test the continuous glucose monitor system
for 3 days. The center (Joslin Center in Baltimore) is deciding whether
to get it, and I'll be their guinea pig.

I go on Tuesday afternoon (Sept 19th) to get hooked up. I'd appreciate
any feedback from those who have been on it re: 1) problems you had with
it 2) any specific things you did (did you fast for part of the time to
see how your b.s. varied? did you eat different foods to see how your
b.s. varied? did you vary your exercise pattern each day?). I'd like to
get the most out of my 3 days! 3) anything else you think would be worth

Thanks so much.


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